8 foot offset disc

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Reply With Quote. Re: 10 foot offset disk With it being 4WD I think you will be o. Do you know what size the disc blades are? Re: 10 foot offset disk It should be fine. My 70 HP tractor pulls an 8' offset set wide open quite easily. Besides, you can always gear down and take your time.

Re: 10 foot offset disk The width of the Disc Harrow does not relate well to the draft force generated in pulling. Third is pan thickness, a spec hard to come by. However, proportionally, thickness does not vary like pan diameter. Last edited by jeff; at PM. Re: 10 foot offset disk Depends on the weight of the disk and size of the blades and a photo would be great. You probably could pull it. Re: 10 foot offset disk Not all offsets are created equal. Some are super heavy and aggresive and designed as primary tillage tools.

I have thought of a ' offset but wonder if my HP with duals will pull it. Some it would I am sure but some it wouldn't. Re: 10 foot offset disk.

Originally Posted by bdog. Not all offsets are created equal.The forward gang has aggressive notched discs while the rear gang has a choice of notched or smooth discs to quickly break up and evenly redistribute the finely cultivated topsoil. The DH10 Series Disc Harrows have applications in homeowner landscaping, small nurseries, gardens, small hobby farms, wild game food plots, and medium-duty residential use.

Disc gangs can be ordered with smooth or notched arrays for lighter or more aggressive applications based on customer needs.

11' 1" - 27' 2" width

The DH15 Series Disc Harrows are at home in applications from commercial landscaping, nurseries, and large gardens to small farms and municipal beautification programs. Disc gangs can be ordered with smooth or notched disc gang arrays for lighter or more aggressive applications and this series does offer 20" diameter or larger 22" diameter discs to meet specific customer needs. Economy-conscious customers will find them more than equal to just about any soil cultivation task you can throw at them.

Read More. Buy Apparel. Take us more places than just the field. Find apparel, hats, cups, bags, bar stools, and more in our apparel store. Email Newsletter Sign up to receive occasional updates. We will never share your information, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Find a Dealer. Kubota Dealers in Canada.The hitch can be set to work directly behind the tractor or offset to the right or left, which is ideal for orchards or vineyards.

The clevis 3 can be assembled so a disk harrow can be used with tractors having either a straight or open-type drawbar. The Disk is available in mm 9-in. A mm in. The mainframe on and Offset Disks is made of one-piece, heavy, structural steel tubing to resist torsional forces on the frame:. View Offer Details. Skip to main content. Electronic Solutions. Rental Sales. View All Equipment. View Used Equipment. Make A One-Time Payment. Sign In to My Account.

8 foot offset disc

Owner Information. Hitch can be set to meet disking needs Choice of disk blades provided Gang wrenches come as base equipment One-piece welded mainframe. Build Your Own. Find a Dealer. View Product Brochure. Choice of disk blades enables operators to match the disk to the job Blade spacing Blade spacing.

Disc Harrows

Blade shapes cone, spherical, solid, cutout. Reduced furrow filler blade. One-piece welded mainframe provides reliable strength Offset Disk.

8 foot offset disc

Show More Show Less. Select Different Model. Export to Excel. Type Rigid. Working widths. Spacing option A Option 1 18 discs 2. Option 2 20 discs 2.

Option 3 22 discs 2. Option 4 24 discs 2. Option 5 26 discs 3. Option 6 28 discs 3.Ford 12' Offset Disc. Email for more info. Indeed, their first innovation is the offset blade that allows a loosening of the soil across the width of the machine, without destructuring.

The latter is fully recognized by agronomists. Agrisem, it is also th Indeed, the compact design as well as the aggressive position of the disc s ensure Combine World has used combines, tractors, and other farm machinery for sale. Agriculture equipment experts at your service.

SinceCombine World has sold over pi Select Country Czech Republic Spain USA Australia Canada Germany United Kingdom France 7.

Italy 7. Netherlands 4. New Zealand 4. Austria 3. Japan 3. Romania 3. South Africa 3. Brazil 2. Poland 2. Turkey 2. Ukraine 2. Ireland 1. Norway 1.

8 foot offset disc

United Arab Emirates 1. Select Category Conventional trucks Tillage equipment Another post asking about favorite 20 foot disc got me asking which brand and model of a eight foot through ten foot size wheel disc you like.

I got a Bush Hog brand model wheel disc that 9 foot wide that I use. I had a 8 foot wide model that I has for over twenty years that I sold in a consignment auction last spring and brought another Bush Hog disc at that consignment auction, 9 foot model that had 20 inch disks on it and overall a nicer disc all the factory scrapers on it. It pull a little harder than 8 foot cut I had, but it cut up the ground better.

I pull with a MF tractor. What disc do you like and why? By the way, there was 4 or 5 ten foot wheel discs of different brands at this auction, but one I brought I thought was the nicest one there. I have an IH 37, I weight it with 8, 8" solid concrete blocks and it does ok. It came up at a sale and I got it for a good price.

Used offset disc

I bought a 12' IHC 30 years ago and cut the axles and top bars down to make it 8'. Good thing is, it has the 3 bearings per axle. With new 20" disc blades it does an excellent job, cuts well and levels well I was open to buying different brands of discs, but want the best shape one I could find. I took a 8 foot wheel disc I had to sell and was going to try find another one before I need to start working ground. When I haul my disc to the consignment auction the days before the sale, I decide to look at what equipment was already there.

First thing I saw was the Bush Hog wheel disc that I brought. I didn't plan on getting another disc that day, just work out that way. The disc was complete with all the scapers on it, also the transport strap for holding the wheels up when not hook to the tractor. Also had a hydraulic cylinder and hoses with it also.

So I figure I trade 2 for 1 and I wasn't out much after paying commission and plus I didn't have to look for disc. Never been around a Bush Hog disk, are they designed to chop up brush like their brush cutters?

I remember seeing a couple with the serated blades that looked very heavy. Dad has a 14' IH tandem disk, don't remember what modelit has been a very reliable unit, before that we used a Case 12', that was a heavy and reliable unit as well.We want to take the time and reassure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our employees, suppliers, dealers and customers during the COVID pandemic. The company has taken the necessary steps and made it a priority to follow the guidelines of both local and international government bodies as it relates to safety.

As you know, agriculture is an essential service and farmers will continue to plant crops, harvest crops and feed livestock; despite the current pandemic. This is one of the many reasons why we have made it a priority to continue delivering parts and supporting our dealers and customers. In fact, all Farm King staff including Territory Managers and Aftermarket Representatives have been made available to support you every step of the way throughout these challenging times.

We want to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best and remind you that we are at your service to help you in any way we can. To our valued friends, family, and customers, We want to take the time and reassure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our employees, suppliers, dealers and customers during the COVID pandemic.

Marat Nogerov President, Buhler Industries. Toggle navigation. Model Blade Spacing 9" mm All Specifications. MODEL The is an excellent all purpose machine suitable for light duty primary tillage: working up heavy straw, cornstalks, hay and pasture fields and is designed for finishing operations, seedbed preparation and reclamation work, depending on blade spacing. The is available in working widths from 10' to 20' 3.

The features Farm King's exclusive T bearings with interlocking half spools with keyed gang shafts so that gang assemblies resist coming loose and a floating hitch to improve ground-following capabilities. The features a floating hitch to ensure a smooth level finish on all jobs. These scrapers contact lower down on the disc blades and scrape more surface area of the blade to provide more effective cleaning and prevent sticky material from building up on the blades.

John Deere 5075e pulling a disk harrow

Scraper blades tips are laser cut from wear-resistant boron alloy steel and are replaceable. All spindle axles are designed for easy removal and maximum strength. Each spindle is bolted into a sleeve and can be removed by simply removing the bolt and pulling out the axle. This will save valuable time if repairs to a tire are needed. Moisture, soil conditions and crop residue levels change from season to season and only a disc with an adjustable gang angle will perform will in these varying conditions.

A single cylinder with positive depth control segments provides consistent and repeatable working depth. An adjustable crank allows the operator to regulate the balance of pressure on both front and rear gangs. Compressed to maximum density prior to assembly, Farm King's fabricated spools allow gang assemblies to be factory torqued to 3, ft-lbs 3, ft-lbs for model to ensure the gang components will not shift and become loose.

Used 8 offset disc

Furrow filler blades along with full sized blades on the gang assemblies create a uniform, well worked field or job-site. Each heavy-duty steel bearing sleeve is extended past the bearing housing and has drive lugs on each end that press and lock into the adjoining half spools so that the bearing sleeve and half spools form a single integrated unit.

All Farm King discs feature the latest technology in micro alloy boron steel blades that combine the important performance characteristics of superior breakage resistance - with long wearing abrasion-resistant hardness.

Notched blades are standard equipment to cut and size residue and aggressively work the soil, while smooth blades are optional. Rated at 14, lbs. The WSS bearing features triple lip seals that do an excellent job of keeping dust, grit and contamination out of the bearing.Kind: 3-Section Folding. Add this make and model to Equipment Hunter to receive notifications when new or similar equipment is posted. This feature requires a Fastline Account. It is really easy to sign up! Here is some custom text that would need to be filled in to explain what the benefits of taking the website tour would be.

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8 foot offset disc

Hot List. Spacing: 9" Size: 22 ft Kind: 3-Section Folding. View Details. View Dealer Page. Additional Info: Tag Tandem wheels Hydraulic fold. Pintle hitch.

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