Australian shepherds for adoption arizona

Please call the store to set an appointment to meet your desired puppy in a private, sanitized room.

Australian Shepherd

Click here to see more about our practices and protocols in place now in our stores for the health, welfare and safety of our employees, customers and puppies. The Australian Shepherd, commonly known as the Aussie, is a medium-sized, robust, and well-balanced dog. The ears are set high at the side of the head and are triangular in shape with a slightly rounded tip. Discover more about our Australian Shepherd puppies for sale below!

Their eyes are oval in shape and medium in size and come in a variety of colors including brown, blue, amber, or any combination including flecks and marbling. The coat colors include black, blue and red merle, red with or without white markings, or tan.

Australian Shepherds have a high energy level and playfulness. As a result, they are easy-going and still act puppy-like in their adult years. They are also courageous and therefore make a good watchdog. The Australian Shepherd is excellent with children because they love to play. In addition, they are naturally protective, affectionate, lively, agile, attentive, highly intelligent, and eager to please; therefore making them easy to train. However, they are not the type to lie around the living room all day, live happily in the backyard, or go on just a fifteen-minute walk.

They need a lot of exercise and something to occupy their mind daily. Otherwise they will become bored, which leads to behavior problems. They would be an excellent choice for intermediate dog owner who can keep up with their energy levels. More work is required during shedding season, though. During this time, use an undercoat rake every two or three days to remove excess dead hair, followed by a cleanup with the wire brush. Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd breed is actually not from Australia but was most likely from the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France, and then refined in the U.

It is believed that at some point it probably crossed with the Collie breed. As mentioned previously, its many talents include retrieving, herding, watchdog, guarding, police work, narcotics detection, search and rescue, agility, competitive obedience, and performing tricks. Group: Herding Average Weight: lbs. Check out the Australian Shepherd puppies for sale we currently have in our stores.

Skip to content. Australian Shepherd. Description The Australian Shepherd, commonly known as the Aussie, is a medium-sized, robust, and well-balanced dog. Disposition Australian Shepherds have a high energy level and playfulness. Origin Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd breed is actually not from Australia but was most likely from the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France, and then refined in the U.

See store for details on a particular puppy. The American Canine Association Inc. Previous Breed. Next Breed. Animal Kingdom Puppies N Love.Ethical Australian Shepherd Breeder Award. Thank you Kim Gardner of Teacup Ranch. Miniature Australian Shepherds of superior type, structure,health and temperament are raised here.

Please have a look around. Web site designed, built and maintained by Kathy Tomerlin. All graphics are the property of Boldheart and may not be copied or reproduced with out written permission. Thank you for stopping buy to see the mini aussies australian shepherd pupp ies dogs located here in Arizona at Boldheart Miniature Australian Shepherds. If you are looking for a fantastic miniature australian shepherd please have a look at my mini aussies.

Our puppies come with a full genetic health and temperament guarantee, are hand raised in our home and come very well socialized. My primary goal is to raise mini australian shepherds with the best genetic health possible and with the best temperaments. I have all of my dogs OFA'd and eye's certified before breeding along with other health test. We aim for our miniature australian shepherds to attain a championship title before producing a litter.

We strive to breed to the standard and like dogs with good bone and substance.

australian shepherds for adoption arizona

I do not raise toy australian shepherds and there are no teacup australian shepherds but I do occasionally produce some that mature under 14"s. I have blue merle, red merle, black tri and red tri females and males available in my litters. Many of my tri aussies have blue eyes. My mini aussie dogs work cattle and go riding with me out in the mountains on a regular basis. They love to play in our gallon koi pond and love playing frizbee and fetch and just being your best buddy.

If you are interested in living with an incredibly intelligent dog that will be an awesome family companion look no further. I breed for intelligence and good looks along with athleticism.

The mini ature aus sie pup s in Arizona here at Bold Heart can and will do it all. I'm proud to say that the many generations of breeding for quality shows up in some of the top dogs, mini aussies and mini americans.

I do not raise Miniature American Shepherds but the top dogs since the mini aussi breed split and part of the fancy took their dogs into AKC as the New Breed "Miniature American Shepherds" in have one thing in common.

All of the Mini Americans that have won Westminster, Eukanuba and their Miniature American Shepherd nationals since with the exception of 3 of them, when they went into FSS in AKC as the new breed, have Boldheart dogs in their pedigree, sometime many many times over. If you decide to welcome a well bred Boldheart aussie into your life we prefer you come pick your australian shepherd up at our home but can meet you at the airport.

MAS puppies available now. Hand raised, well socialized puppies. Superstition Mountains. Miniature Australian Shepherds? During this period the most popular sheep were being imported into Australia from the Basque regions of Spain.Follow us on. Online Application Form. Thank you for visiting Aussie And Friends Rescue. We are a small Non-profit c 3 rescue organization located in Arizona dedicated to helping Australian Shepherds in need of a new home.

Our mission is to rehabilitate and re-home displaced Australian Shepherds, including Mini's and sometimes when we can we will help their friends.

Adopt German Shepherd Dogs in Arizona

We believe Aussie's deserve a second chance. We get our Aussies into rescue in various ways. Many of these animals were abandoned at shelters or turned into rescue for various reasons including owner death, divorce or home loss. All our Aussie's have been spayed or neutered, are up to date on shots, combo tested for Heartworm and Tick Fever and treated for any other health problem that we might find.

We also microchip everyone. There is a reasonable adoption fee to help cover these already completed expenses. We do not have a shelter so every Aussie we receive in becomes a part of a family in a foster home until they get adopted into their new forever home. Prior to placement, we do evaluations so we know how they are with other dogs, cats and children.A, I am a male, brown German Shepherd Dog mix. The shelter staff think I am about 1 year old.

For more. All dogs are located in foster homes in Southern Arizona. Please contact Carrie to arrange meet and greets. A, My name is Ringo. I am a male, black and brown Rottweiler and German Shepherd Dog.

The shelter staff think. This handsome boy is Charlie, he's a puppy still at just ten months old. He's the perfect size - 30 pounds. Wow, I am Handsome!!! I should be an only dog in your home and no. A, My name is Chicago. I am a male, brown German Shepherd Dog mix. The shelter staff think I am about 3 years. A, My name is Colorado. I am a male, apricot German Shepherd Dog mix. The shelter staff think I am about 2. Chevy is an absolutely amazing dog!

We rehomed him and realized that it was the right fit having such small. My name is Bodhi. I'm great with kids and have been. My name is Max and I am looking for a new family because my current Mom and Dad had a baby the end of last.

Australian Shepherd Breeders Arizona

She is spayed. She is a good dog for a family who really just.

australian shepherds for adoption arizona

She is very smart, alert and. Jake would love to chill and relax with you! An apartment or house would be fine for this guy, he's content to just. This sweet girl is Tequila, she is a beautiful 7-year-old shepherd mix. She is friendly and sweet with everyone she.You can browse thru list of Australian Shepherd Breeders or consider for sale Australian Shepherd puppies.

See dog breeds similar to Australian Shepherd. Ready for pick up after July 4th. Mom and Dad both AKC, will have Two black tri males. Female blue merle, One blue eye and one green eye. Beautiful markings with a darker gray and plenty of copper and white. AKC Australian Shepherd est. Parents have had full genetic panels done as well as fully x rayed and eyes checked. Everyone is nice and healthy This Aussie puppy is 7 months old and so much fun and a great companion.

We have three Aussie pups and this Aussie was for our daughter but she decided that her family was not Puppies have excellent temperament, beautiful markings, coloring Beautiful litter of 5 pure bread Chinese Shar Pei for sale to good homes. Currently 8 weeks old. All great pupprs with Beautiful white and apricot Parti colored Goldendoodle males. Check out our Facebook page to learn more about our family and breeding program Cooper is a sweetheart that has sired 5 litters.

He is AKC registered. Fantastic with kids and super friendly. He wants to sit on your lapand cuddle. Fully house trained. He is a Prince, a gorgeous blue tri merle compact boy. He is a merle tri boy. Proven producer of small compact pups. We are changing some of the Two males one female tails are undocked and come with full AKC registration pups come from champion bloodlines Black and Mahogany for more pics videos and content feel free to Meet Blue, our Miniature Goodendoodle boy looking for his forever home.

He Will be ready to go home this coming up Sunday July 19th. Mom is a 58 lbs Golden Retriever and dad is a Female non altered comes with akc, breeding right, parents are imported to the US from Czech Republic. Mother is titled in protection and tracking, champion and police k Lily is a adorable AKC Rottweiler puppy, she loves to cuddle and is more on the calm side. She will come with a 1 year health and genetic guarantee she will also have a vet Pearl is a sweet girl that loves to explore and play.All dogs are current on their shots, micro-chipped, and are neutered or spayed.

If you would like to make any of these wonderful babies a part of your home, please email amazingaussiesrescueaz gmail. Click here for our on-line application.

If you are interested in adopting a lethal, and do not live in this area, please email us and we can provide contact information for your area. Please consider sponsoring one of our Amazing Aussies. Follow Us. Female Can see and hear!

australian shepherds for adoption arizona

Born in Australian Shepherd Phoenix, AZ Mandi is dog friendly with other nice dogs, but she does not do well with cats, or bunnies. She loves to be loved, and go on walks. She prefers a loving family with a more quiet home, and if any children they need to be kind and respectful to her needs. She is a very loving girl and a great companion. Echo loves to be scratched and loved on. Echo really loves people and wants to be near them and a part of their daily activities.

She is deaf and blind, but very confident wherever she goes.

australian shepherds for adoption arizona

He likes to jog with his foster parents. Cosmo would need a playmate that likes to play rough and tumble as he really likes to play. Cole would rather spend time with his person than his doggy friends and would do fine in a family with older kids.

She is very smart! She really enjoys playing ball and will bring it back to you. Katie enjoys playing with Mason, also available for adoption.We have quality working standard and miniature Australian shepherds and strive to produce mini Australian shepherd puppies with sound structure, good temperaments, and correct aussie type in order to perform their job accurately. Our puppies are well socialized, up to date on immunizations and worming, healthy, raised with children and come with a health guarantee.

Our dogs enjoy 4 acres to run and play on as well as going camping, hiking and going to barrel races. Mini Australian shepherds retain the same traits and working ability as the standard Australian shepherd but in a smaller package. They range in height from 14 to 18 inches and generally weigh between 17 and 35 pounds. Our dogs can do a full days work, compete in agility, showingherding, flyball, and therapy as well as be your constant shadow and best friend.

Whatever venue you choose, your mini Australian puppy should excel. This breed was developed by breeding smaller Australian Shepherds for the desired size. They are increasing in popularity among those interested in a compact dog with a strong work ethic.

They can also serve well as service or therapy dogs. AKC has accepted the recognition of a new breed recently. They have forfeited their heritage and are becoming a new breed of dog all together. We chose to stay with our past heritage as an Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety. Inquiries to: During this period the most popular sheep were being imported into Australia from the Basque regions of Spain. When the herds were shipped, their shepherds were sent with them to manage and care for the flocks on the journey.

The livestock were shipped to the Americas, again accompanied by the Basque shepherds and their herding dogs. Ranchers of the American west were reportedly very impressed with the working ability of these "little blue dogs" and began interbreeding them with their own shepherd dogs.

The result was the Australian Shepherd. Throughout the history of the Aussie, small under 18" dogs can be seen in historical photographs. Many believe that the original Aussie was selectively bred larger as sheep ranching decreased and cattle ranching increased.

Cattle ranchers preferred a larger dog to work the larger stock. Some Aussie owners have continued to prefer the smaller sized Aussie while others prefer the larger. In a horse woman in Norco, California, began a breeding program specifically to produce very small Australian Shepherds.

Another horseman, Chas Lasater of Valhalla Kennels soon joined the ranks of mini breeders. Although the club never quite got off the ground, their stated purpose for developing the miniatures was to produce an Australian Shepherd under 17" who had the heart, intelligence and drive to work stock, and yet be small enough to travel easily to stock shows and be a "house" dog.

ARBA to provide a Nationally recognized conformation show venue. The American Rare Breed Association's policy at that time was not to allow any breed of dog to show with them except in exhibition that had the same name as an AKC affiliated breed and suggested that we change our name. The breed flourished over the next five years and grew under this name both in the US and Canada. Today, breeders of the Miniature Australian Shepherd continue to strive to produce Aussies of a smaller stature.

Preservation of the herding instinct as well as the intelligence and athleticism of the mini is a priority in breeding programs, as well as continuing the reputation for health and easy companionship that the mini enjoys. Miniatures are quickly gaining in popularity among Agility, Flyball and Disc competition enthusiasts as their attributes of small size and amazing athletic ability makes them very competitive and easy to travel with.

In the suburbs and cities, families wanting a big dog are attracted to the "big dog" qualities of the miniature Australian Shepherd, in a smaller package. Bringing Best Friends Together. Our dogs are part of our family and live with us or in co-own homes. We strive to maintain the substance and type of the standard Australian shepherd but in a smaller package.

Dogs 101 - Australian Shepherd

Our mini aussies can do a full day's work, compete in agility, showing, herding, flyball, and therapy as well as be your constant shadow and best friend. Whatever venue you choose your mini aussie should excel. T estamonials I just wanted to share how incredibly happy we are with our handsome little aussie pup. From the get go we could tell that he had a great temperament and knew he was going to be a great dog.

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