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Supported Machines. Automation Apps. Learn More. Learn more. From the outset we recognized that we needed the right nesting software. From geometry and nesting all the way to data management SigmaNEST was instrumental in the success of the project. Learn more about our nesting, cutting and fabrication software solutions.

Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe. Thank you for subscribing to SigmaNEWS where we share the latest updates and features of our software, news and events in the industry and special features to help you get the most out of your software.

The SigmaNEST team offers weekly training by webinars where our local experts highlight the latest product features, best practices and tips and tricks so that you can get the most out of your software. Skip to content. Run all your profile cutting machines from a single, powerful software platform that scales with your needs. Accelerate production through full shop floor automation, from programming to material handling. Integrate data from every aspect of your fabrication process to ensure uninterrupted, optimized production.

SigmaNEST is simply the best nesting software in the industry. Developed and supported by an expert team of mathematicians and engineers, SigmaNEST offers unparalleled material utilization and nesting efficiency.

One nesting solution for all machine types. Optimize your process using the most advanced cutting software for fiber and CO 2 lasers. Use SigmaNEST nesting software to handle advanced processes such as heavy plate burning and multi-torch beveling. Achieve fast cut times and eliminate tailwash without sacrificing on edge quality and material integrity.

Extend tool life and lower costs while effectively programming single or multi-spindle machines to cut wood, composites, and other specialty materials. Run even the most complex punch machines while minimizing tool changes and shortening production time. Use advanced knife cutting technology to achieve unmatched material yield through tight and accurate nesting.

Press Brake. Maximize the speed, quality, and flexibility of your bending process using SigmaBEND, a complete press brake solution.

Punch Combination. Use flexible tools and advanced features to automatically and easily program your punch combination machine. No matter your machine type, SigmaNEST offers automatic nesting and programming for all custom features and capabilities. Multi Axis Machining.

TruNest features for manufacturing

Real Results. Save material and money with better yields and less waste. Run your machines from one seat of software. Integrate data from all areas of your operation.

Increase efficiency through superior software and automation. Get a Demo. Success Stories. All fields required.Reducing preparation time, material consumption and most importantly, saving you money — NestFab is a simple to use, extremely effective nesting product that uses industry standard CAD formats, to easily slot into any tool chain and workflow.

We worked with several software companies, trying out various demo software and even having some on-site software demonstrations. It quickly became clear that NestFab had the best user interface, the best CAD importer, and the best nesting performance. Efficient Software were the only company that would actually talk with us, listen to us, and understand our software needs.

NestFab is ideal for our needs and the tool is of great value. Nestfab ensures that we, as a shipyard, bear the costs in hand regarding the cutting of the steel. Where we previously had to outsource the nesting of all the metal parts of a yacht which can be around tons of steel, and thus lost control, we have it now again completely in our own hands. Sometimes in smaller projects, we get the cutting files in the tendering stage.

So we can also use nestfab to calculate the cutting costs in advance.

free nesting software

An affordable program that has already been repaid several times. We tested and compared several nesting software solutions before choosing NestFab. Some were cheaper, others were much more expensive but, in our case, NestFab was the option with the best performance.

Nestfab helps me save a lot of time and money. Our files are nested quickly so our production line is faster as well.

We have saved a lot of money compared to the price of the software. I highly recommend NestFab to anyone looking for a powerful nesting software. The Nestfab software is user friendly and has saved our company a lot of time, as well as helping to reduce our material waste.

The customer service and support staff have always been helpful, friendly and prompt to respond to any questions or concerns. This software is a great investment to our company. NestFab has a performance to rival all other nesting software and does so at a competitive price. A good investment in software, saving us around a 5 hours per week in labour and also a good saving in reduced material waste.

Using Nestfab to automate the nesting of our sail panels prior to cutting has saved us countless hours and thousands of pounds in material wastage costs.

The guys at Efficient software always listen to our suggestions and are constantly improving the functionality and efficiency of the software as a result.

Nestfab has paid for itself several times over. We are very satisfied with the improved performance in comparison to MyNesting. We are rapidly approaching the busiest time of the year for our company and because of that we are especially happy about every sheet that we can save due to improved nesting performance. Our customers use NestFab along with our CNC knife machines to optimize a wide variety of materials and applications.

We have customers cutting Carbon Fiber, a very expensive material, and NestFab pays for itself in days, not months. We have sailmakers who use NestFab to turn a very time consuming task of manual nesting into one that takes only seconds. NestFab has a very clean user interface, is intuitive to operate, generates thorough nesting reports, and is constantly improving. If you spend more than one or two hours per week nesting, then NestFab is a one year ROI and a no-brainer. Toggle navigation.

Why choose NestFab? What is NestFab? Find out more.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Nest Nest Labs Inc. Add to Wishlist. At Google Nest, we make products that are beautiful, helpful and easy to use. The Nest app is no exception. Control your Nest thermostat, arm and disarm your Nest Secure alarm system, see your home with Nest Cam, and get an alert if Nest Protect goes off — all in one place. And receive notifications on your Android phone or tablet.

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free nesting software

Requires Wi-Fi and a working internet connection. Nest Protect 2nd gen only. Subscription service sold separately. Nest x Yale Lock The lock for a more secure connected home.

Reviews Review Policy. Bug fixes and enhancements. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Be at home even when you are not. Vivint Smart Home. Vivint Home. SimpliSafe Home Security App. SimpliSafe Home Security Systems. Control of your SimpliSafe wireless security system from anywhere in the world! THHK Studio. Your Home Assistant - In Style. Honeywell Home. Resideo Technologies, Inc.VCarve Pro is a powerful, flexible industrial strength software package that includes all the design The software has NC CutMaster 2D is a professional rectangular nesting software package, maximizing the use of material and generating most optimized nested layouts.

CutMaster 2D is a professional rectangular nesting software package MOST 2D is a simple nesting software, which can be used for generating efficient cutting plans and cnc codes also called G-codes for steel fabrication.

MOST 2D is a simple nesting softwarewhich can The software supports generic Cuttix is a rectangular 2D sheet and panel layout optimization software with multi-processor multi-core support PLUS 2D Wood is our new panel optimization software for generating optimized cutting plans from your cutlists and maximizing your panel yields. PLUS 2D cutting Retail Barcode Label maker allows you to create and print barcode labels for all retail businesses and store inventory control needs.

Windows Mac. VCarve Pro. Plus 2D. CutMaster 2D Pro. CutMaster 2D Lite. CutMaster 2D Professional. MOST 2D. Plus 2D - Wood. Barcode Label Maker for Retail Store.

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We may also occasionally offer other products and services from Efficient Software or third parties. Nest Credit Expiry. Purchased nest credits have an expiry of 1 year from the date of purchase. If you do not use purchased nest credits before they expire then they are forfeited. We cannot refund expired or unused credits in accordance with our refund policy 8. Unlimited Nesting Subscriptions.Quickly and automatically nest your part drawings onto single or multiple sheets.

Saves time, helps to improve productivity and reduces errors and costly re-cuts! MyNesting is a unique service providing world-class automatic nesting software with no upfront costs. Our fresh approach allows you to download our free automatic nesting software and nest your parts quickly, efficiently and on your own computer today. MyNesting is a huge time saver for us, I am pricing it into our jobs now and it is saving us plate and time already.

Cut my first MyNesting nest yesterday and it went flawlessly. Nice job on the software, I will definitely be using it! Got to get the current hand nested job out the door but all future nests will be done with MyNesting.

Most 2d nesting software download

Yours is the first tool we have tried that actually worked for the parts we cut. Thank you for your help — the new version is great! Bravo on coming up with such a great piece of software accessed in such a clever way. I will be using it from now on. NestFab provides our world-class automatic nesting engine with an intuitive easy to use user interface.

Efficient Software provide automated nesting solutions. Over 15, people trust Efficient Software for all their automatic nesting needs. Toggle navigation. Powerful Low-Cost Nesting Excellent Material Utilisation Powerful nesting with advanced optimisation techniques give unparalleled material savings. Risk free and No Upfront Costs Nest Smart with MyNesting Find out why over have downloaded MyNesting for their automatic nesting needs.

Create Account Sign up and start using MyNesting today! Existing User Buy nest credits and subscriptions here! For Developers An automatic nesting feature in your own software! Testimonials " MyNesting is a huge time saver for us, I am pricing it into our jobs now and it is saving us plate and time already.

Ltd, Thailand " What an awesome program you have created and a fantastic way to access it! Keep up the good work! More info.Depending of the requirements of your project you can tune-up the optimization calculation by some additional settings. This parameter specifies the minimal size of the waste part offcut that can be cut from the stocks.

If you specified minimal offcut value then 1DCutX would produce cutting layouts with no waste or with waste sizes more or equal to this value. When stock gets cut by a saw and high degree of accuracy is desired then this parameter is important.

It defines the size of the gap between the parts that is a result of material removal by the saw. Some stocks come with rough ends that have to be trim out before the usage.

free nesting software

These parameters specify how much stock will be trim out from the beginning and end of the stocks. For some projects you could have more parts to cut than stocks available.

Nest&Cut: Start Optimizing & Saving!

You have to cut parts of length 50 and 40, but you have only 5 stocks of length In that case you can check off this box and 1DCutX will use all stock and as much as possible parts, but not all of the parts. This option subtracts the saw kerf saw width from the location of the cuts.

It's helpful for cutting machines that take a saw kerf into account automatically. If you want to reduce the number of cutting operations then this option is for you. If you used this option the results will be less optimized, since 1DCutX will try to reduce the cutting layout instead of the material waste.

When we ran a project without the layout minimization function we got 15 different layouts with total used stock of ":. Another run with the layout minimization produced only 5 different cutting layouts, albeit used " of the stock:. You can specify maximum number of stocks per a cutting layout. It can be helpful in case your cutting machine does not allow cutting more than specific numbers stocks at once.

During calculation 1DCutX will generate layouts that will have the specified number or less stocks in one layout. Optimalon Software Cutting optimization solutions for your business. Trim Sizes Some stocks come with rough ends that have to be trim out before the usage. All parts must be cut from the stocks For some projects you could have more parts to cut than stocks available.

However, if you need to cut all parts then you should check this box on. Reduce cut locations by saw kerf for some cutting machines This option subtracts the saw kerf saw width from the location of the cuts. Minimize count of different cutting layouts If you want to reduce the number of cutting operations then this option is for you.

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