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TV Schedule. Sign In. Victorious — Season: 1 2 3 4. S4, Ep1. Error: please try again. The gang's favorite megastore is having a massive sale. In order to avoid a huge line of customers, the kids hide out in the store until it closes so they can grab what they want before it's gone. S4, Ep2. After posting a hamboning rhythmic thigh and knee slapping video online, Robbie is challenged for the title of Hambone King.

When Robbie is beaten, Tori agrees to help Robbie avenge his defeat. S4, Ep3. S4, Ep4. Tori, Cat, and Jade compete with each other to win the affection of Beck's big, handsome, hockey loving Canadian friend, Moose. S4, Ep5. Sikowitz challenges the kids to go a week without using their phones, laptops, or other portable electronic devices.

The kids accept and quickly realize it's not going to be as easy as they thought. S4, Ep6. Beck wants to ask a girl out facebook friends search is worried about Jade's reaction, so Tori and Andre attempt to get Jade a date to even the playing field.

Robbie works to remove a butterfly stuck in Cat's ear. S4, Ep7. Andre gets Tori a job at a frozen yogurt stand; Cat is jealous when Robbie asks someone else to the luau. S4, Ep8. The annoying, year-old child of Mason Thornesmith wants to purchase Rex from Robbie; Hollywood Arts is plagued by a masked flour thrower. S4, Ep9. Andre's grandmother is bothering him while he writes songs, so he goes over to Tori to sleep over and do it there.

However, they have a fallout when Andre plays the piano until early morning, leaving Tori with almost no sleep, and also takes himself freedoms under her roof without asking permission. Meanwhile, Jade gets a hard time from fellow students because she picked her nose. S4, Ep Tori gets picked to be a team captain on the new TV game show "Brain Squeezers", that none of her friends have even heard of.

That doesn't mean each and every one of them won't do everything to convince her that they are the best pick for her team. However, when the gang gets there, it turns out they didn't know what they were actually signing up for. The gang has a contest to see who gets the most followers on TheSlap. Tori is asked to sing at a basketball game, and Jade and Robbie try to find out why Cat is acting weird.

Sikowitz challenges the students to say yes to everything for one week. The gang agrees, and they soon find themselves out of their respective comfort zones.

google drive victorious season 2 episode 3

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Sign In. Victorious — Season: 1 2 3 4. S3, Ep1. Error: please try again. S3, Ep2. After being told to take more risks, Tori goes to a dangerous underground club called the Gorilla Club which includes doing potentially life-threatening activities.

google drive victorious season 2 episode 3

Meanwhile, Andre and Robbie are forced to dance like "M. Hammer" in front of Jade after losing to her in poker. S3, Ep3. The gang agrees to help Sinjin with a couples' game show; due to their constant bickering, Beck and Jade begin to doubt the strength of their relationship. S3, Ep4. Andre has a girlfriend who everybody notices is way too bossy, and Tori finds he's only dating her to impress her father, a famous record producer.

Can Tori back him up at a concert for her birthday to boost his career plans, and help him survive a night with this girl? Elsewhere, Cat is hired to dog-sit for her mother's boss. Desperate for company after her break-up with Beck, Jade decides to join her.

S3, Ep5. Cat learns online that one of her favorite actresses, Mona Patterson, died. She convinces Tori and Jade to drive her to Mona's house so she can light a candle and leave a picture.

This leads to a two-hour drive to San Diego with unusual results.TV Schedule. Sign In. Victorious — Season: 1 2 3 4. S2, Ep1. Error: please try again. The Full Moon Jam is coming up. The cutest boy in school wants to perform a duet with Tori, but she finds out he has a reputation.

Is Tori just having trust issues or is this guy bad news? S2, Ep2. Tori gets in over her head when she applies for a job as a stunt-woman, and fabricates her resume. S2, Ep3. An unfulfilled and ridiculous childhood bet turns Tori into Trina's personal assistant for a month.

But if taking care of Trina's petty demands won't send Tori over the edge, trying to win the contest just might. S2, Ep4.

Victorious Cast Real Life Couples

On the night she's about to star in a school play, Tori is coaxed into donating blood when Robbie needs an operation. A few mishaps at the hospital though turns the donation process into more of an ordeal than normal. S2, Ep5. Tori attempts to plan a successful prom at Hollywood Arts, but Jade decides to destroy the dance for everyone after her art project is ruined.

S2, Ep6. Tori and her friends take a vacation in a country that turns out to be a ruthless dictatorship, that arrests them on trumped-up charges. S2, Ep7.

Principal Eichner marries a young Tahitian woman and quits his job as Hollywood Arts principal to run away with her. S2, Ep8. Tori directs a play with Trina as the star. But when a mishap occurs on opening night, serious doubts are raised over whether or not it was truly an accident. S2, Ep9. As Tori finds out that Sikowitz received an insignificant present from the principal for his 10 years anniversary at Hollywood Arts, she and her friends decide to take him to a play in the city.

Unfortunately, the teacher appears to be devastated and "broken" after the play which brings Tori to some new ideas of how to make him happy once again. S2, Ep Andre develops a crush on Jade when they're teamed up for an advanced songwriting class.

Tori and her pals have only one night to get a float to the big parade for a chance to be on television. The effort to do so becomes more difficult when they get stuck in a dangerous part of Los Angeles while trying to transport their float to the parade. Sikowitz assigns the gang "Secret Santas" in order to get them into the holiday spirit.


Tori tries to find the perfect gift for Andre; Trina asks Robbie to help decorate a giant Christmas tree; Beck suffers from lack of sleep due to an annoying cricket in his RV; Andre has a hard time dealing with the fact that he got a "D" on his assignment for his creative music class. Interviews, bloopers, and outtakes from the series. See also TV Schedule. Add episode.Store, share, and access your files from any device. Your first 15 GB of storage are free.

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Share files and folders You can quickly invite others to view, download, and collaborate on all the files you want—no email attachment needed.TV Schedule. Sign In. S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. Carly is a young teenager living in Seattle. When her friend Freddie accidentally leaks a video of her and her best friend Sam onto the Internet, they decide to create an online web show.

S1, Ep2. Carly and Sam compete with Freddie and Spencer to see which team can increase the number of hits on Carly's website, using the most elaborate techniques available to each team.

Judging from their hidden camera in the lobby of Carly's apartment building, it's easy to understand why they hate him. S1, Ep3. After enduring Ms.

Briggs' lesson on traditional Scottish folk dancing, Carly and Sam call for their viewers to send videos of their own dance routines. Soon enough, the site is filled with so many video files for them to review that it starts to go to their heads.

google drive victorious season 2 episode 3

S1, Ep4. Jake Krandle, one of the cutest boys at Ridgeway Middle School breaks up with his girlfriend, and all the girls at school want a piece of him. Carly thinks she'll get just that when she invites him on her web-show to perform some songs he wrote. But during a rehearsal, Jake is found to be a horrible singer, and Carly has to struggle to convince an already jealous Freddie to digitally enhance his voice. S1, Ep5. Carly gets caught in a custody battle between her brother and grandfather.

S1, Ep6. CarlyC Sam and Freddie think it will be good for their show if it is critiqued; Carly insults an year-old critic, and is worried he will give a bad review. S1, Ep7. Carly, Sam, and Freddie shoot their Halloween web cast from an apartment that is rumored to be haunted. When creepy things start happening, the friends worry that the ghost rumors just might be true. Meanwhile, Spencer forgets to buy Halloween candy, and he ends up giving children odd and random objects, which leads them to the point of rolling him down the ocean with him inside a giant pumpkin that he carved.

During the show, Sam shows viewers how to pull Halloween pranks using masks. S1, Ep8. For a potential web-cast, Carly and Freddie try to find out if Mrs. Briggs' hostility extends beyond the classroom, and end up getting trapped in her house. S1, Ep9. Freddie finally gets a girlfriend, but she's an apparent fan of Carly's rather than Carly herself.

S1, Ep Carly and Sam try to break the world record for the longest web-cast. Nevel Papperman is back, and instead of trashing iCarly in his articles, he has directly sabotaged the website itself. Meanwhile Spencer persuades the Plain White T's to perform on Carly's show as a favor for preventing lead singer Tom Higgenson from being hit by a falling sign at the mall.

But how do they expect the band to perform on a show nobody can see? A ridiculous technicality costs Carly her streak of straight A's. The next day as Sam is being punished, she manages to fix Carly's grades with the school computers and for some reason, Freddie'sand makes her promise not to tell anybody.Account Options Sign in.

Top charts. New releases. Ages Add to Wishlist. A sensational singer, dynamic dancer, and amazing actress is discovered! Tori Vega is accidentally thrown into the spotlight at a musical showcase and offered admission to Hollywood Arts, the most prestigious performing arts high school in the country!

Feb 2, Volume 4 Episode 14 Sikowitz challenges the students to say yes to everything for one week. The gang agrees, and they soon find themselves out of their respective comfort zones. The Blonde Squad. Jun 30, Wanko's Warehouse. Dec 15, The Hambone King.

Sep 29, Opposite Date. Oct 13, Three Girls And A Moose. Oct 20, Cell Block. Nov 24, Dec 1, One Thousand Berry Balls. Dec 8, Robbie Sells Rex. The Bad Roommate. Jan 5, Brain Squeezers. Jan 12, The Slap Fight. Jan 19, Star-Spangled Tori. Jan 26, Bonus Content.When Tori is asked to sing the national anthem at a basketball game, she is scared about forgetting the words.

As the team captain for a new game show, Tori must choose which three of her friends will join her on the team.

In order to finish a song for class, Tori and Andre room together and discover they should never live together. Robbie asks another girl to the luau, which makes Cat jealous.

Tori and Andre try to help Jade find a boyfriend to keep her from overreacting about Beck asking a new girl out. Meanwhile, Robbie tries to remove a butterfly from Cat's ear. Sikowitz gets upset about the gang's obsession with their electronic devices and challenges them to go one week without using any of them.

The girls are all attracted to Moose, Beck's Canadian hockey sports friend, and all three try to get his attention. Robbie puts a video of himself hamboning on the Slap and gets challenged by the self proclaimed Hambone King. Tori is forced to reveal a hidden secret from her past. While in a costume, Cat develops falls for a handsome guy and fears that his feelings for her will change when he meets her in real life. New student Ponnie and Tori become friends, but Ponnie goes missing whenever the other students show up and they think Tori is losing her mind.

Tori beats out all the other students to perform at the Platinum Awards show, but the fame changes Tori into someone she's not. Tori and Robbie can't pay for their meals so have to work it off. When a film shoot closes the street near Tori's home, it forces her to suffer through various drivers. Tori expects April Fools jokes at school, but no one acknowledges the bizarre things happening at the school.

Tori and Jade put their acting and shaky friendship on the line when they play a married couple. Andre's friends are shocked how poorly his new girlfriend treats him and find out why he is dating her.

Beck and Jade help Sinjin with a couples' game show by getting the gang to compete on it. Tori and the rest of the gang get detention. Detention takes place all day on a Saturday. This episode is a parody of the film 'The Breakfast Club. The person who give the worst gift will be forced to go "Christmas Yodeling"with Sikowitz on Christmas Eve. Tori struggles to find the perfect gift for Andr after finding out she is his Secret Santa. Meanwhile, Trina enlists Robbie's help to decorate her giant Christmas tree, and Beck loses sleep due to a pesky cricket in his RV.

Also Andr becomes a Christmas "Scrooge" after getting a D on a song he wrote for his creative music class. Blooptorious is the final episode of Season 2 of Victorious. Christopher Cane, a self-proclaimed actor, hosts a television talk show. He starts by interviewing Leon Thomas, asking strange questions, never letting him finish speaking, and following with a clip of Leon's bloopers.

Avan Jogia and Elizabeth Gillies get the same treatment. Daniella Monet appears instead of Ariana Grande, despite Cane's complaints.

More interviews follow with Matt Bennett and Ariana Grande. In the last interview, Cane tells Victoria Justice he is in love with her. Despite the fact that he is already married, he wants to marry her. Victoria refuses and the awkward situation is covered immediately when they show her bloopers.

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