Quantifiers exercises with answers doc

These imply " more than one, but less than a lot ". They are not usually used in negative or interrogative structures, only in affirmative statements. For example. Linguapress English Grammar. Advanced level reading resources Intermediate reading resources English grammar online Language games and puzzles Linguapress English Grammar.

Definition Quantifiers are a type of determiner which denote imprecise quantity. They modify nouns or pronouns. They differ from numbers or numerals which indicate precise quantity.

Much whisky is of very good quality. This sentence is technically acceptable, but not probable in modern spoken English. He has much money This is not normal English. Much of what you have written is very good. A good deal of what you have written Examples: We don't have much time to finish this. Did you have much luck? How much does this tee-shirt cost? I can't see many of my friends Many houses were destroyed in the war. Rowling in our library.

There's little point in trying to mend it. You'll never succeed! I've got a little money left; let's go and have a drink. There's not much point in waiting for him to come. I've done enough work for one day. There were enough strong men to move the fallen tree. We can get tickets for the concert, I've got enough money now. Have you got enough money for the tickets?We use them in negative sentences and questions. We use how many and how much to ask about quantity. We use a lot of or lots of more informal before both plural countable and uncountable nouns.

We normally use them in positive sentences. We use some in affirmative sentences and any in negative sentences and questions. Both some and any can be used before countable and uncountable nouns. But if we use them before a countable noun, the noun must be in plural form.

Do the exercises. Exercises Explanation Exercises: 1 2 3 4 5. Exercise 1 Choose much, many, little, few, some, any to complete each sentence. We need to stop and get some. It was nearly empty. Were there many people in the party?

quantifiers exercises with answers doc

You eat too many biscuits. How many concerts have you ever been to? How much coffee have you had today?

quantifiers exercises with answers doc

She spends a lot of time watching TV. We had lots of good moments together. I have to do a few things this afternoon. He always gets good results with very little effort.

Can you put a bit of sugar in the tea? Is there any sugar in the cupboard? Have you got any new friends? I have some questions to ask you. Are there any students in the classroom? NOT Is there any student in the classroom? Would you like some help? Can I have some tea, please? Exercises: 1 2 3 4 5. Related tests: much, many, a lot of, a little, a few. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.When using certain noun phrases some of, a lot of, both, either, neither, etc.

See the examples below. The Subject from Grammar Bytes. If you have questions or comments about this page, please contact us. Subject-Verb Agreement with Quantifiers. Some of the bananas are ripe. Some of the water is impure. Most of the girls are here. Most of the wine is red. A lot of the people are hungry. A lot of the bread is gone. Half of the cakes are frosted.

Half of the cake is frosted. All of the monkeys are asleep. All of the milk is sour. None of the men are single. None of the orange juice was left. All of the men are not single. None of the men was my father. Not any of the men was my father. Unusual usage: Five gallons of gas is enough.

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Five gallons of punch were sold. Three-fourths of the pie is gone. Three-fourths of the pie are gone. Another, the other, and the others Mary has three brothers. One of them lives in New York. One lives in the East. Another one lives in California.

The others live in the West.The noun is unspecific, any. The word cattle is an exception. Cattle is the collective noun for cowsbulls, steer and heifers.

A steer is a young castrated male. A heifer is a young female.

CuΓ‘ndo usar MUCH - MANY - A LITTLE - A FEW - A LOT - Cuantificadores / Quantifiers

A cow is a mature female that has reproduced had calves. A bull is a mature male that can reproduce sexually. Food substances are not usually countable unless they have quantifiers. They are either too small to count, or they are liquids. Slice the tomatoes very thin.


Your delicious, healthy salad is ready to enjoy! Discourse Well. Diagnostics Int. Diagnostics Sec.

quantifiers exercises with answers doc

FLAT a stack of pancakes with a pat of butter tortillas toast. Meat Quantifiers Specify a quantity by cut. A cow is a mature female that has reproduced had calves A bull is a mature male that can reproduce sexually. Select the response from the list that best completes the sentence. Compare your responses to the feedback by clicking the "Check" or "Check " button.

Meat from a calf the baby is called β€” beef calf pork veal lamb. Feedback 1. Meat from a pig is called β€” calf chicken pork pig lamb. Feedback 2. Feedback 3. Meat from a sheep is called β€” calf chicken sheep goat lamb.

Feedback 4. Meat from a chicken male or rooster is called -- chicken goat pork veal lamb. Feedback 5. A slice of beef or veal is called β€” a steak a slice a leg a ham a roast. Feedback 6.Practice 1 β€” multiple choice. Practice 3 β€” complete the paragraph. Each of the kids knows the answer. Both of the kids know the answer. Most of the kids know the answer. Most of the class knows the answer. A number of kids know the answer. The number of kids is ten.

At least three quarters of the monkeys β€” in the zoo β€” suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Anyβ€”polarity in negative environments.

I did n't get any tea. I doubt that there are any oranges here. I don't think that any oranges are left. Much food can be grown in the fertile valleys of California. Practice β€” multiple choice. People have much more knowledge about eating right. Many more people are eating healthier diets. People eat too much fat, sugar and salt. People eat too many chips, cookies and candy bars. Practice 3 β€” read and edit. We use fewer toxic chemicals. We use less toxic chemicals.

Most of the students in my English class ask questions. The number of the students who ask questions is low. Practice 1 β€” complete sentence. Practice 2 β€” complete sentence. Practice 3 β€” edit sentences. We bought a stalk of celery, a spear of asparagus, a head of lettuce, a wheel of cheese, an ear of corn, a cube of ice, a bar of chocolate.

Beef comes from a steer. Veal comes from a calf. Grammar Notes show-hide arrow. Practice 2 β€” multiple choice. A friend called. Friends called. Practice 1 β€” complete the sentence MC.

Practice 2 β€” complete the sentence MC. Practice 3 β€” edit paragraph. Genitive Reciprocal Form possessive. Sophie and Jim get angry at each other.Or after the first auxiliary verb when there are auxiliary verbs.

We say all day, all night, all month, all year, etc. Note that when we use either in the subject, we can always use a singular verb, but the verb can also be plural if it appears after a plural noun.

Note that when we use neither in the subject, we can always use a singular verb, but the verb can also be plural if it appears after a plural noun. Do the exercises. Exercises Explanation Exercises: 1 2 3 4. Exercise 1 Choose the correct option to complete the sentences below.

All plants need water. All of the plants in the garden were burned. All of them were at the event. We all went. They were all happy. We can all be there when she arrives. Everything is big in the U.

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