Subaru engine in vw bug kit

There are two kinds of Beetlemania. What we have here is a Volkswagen Beetlewhich came from the factory with a 1,cc air-cooled engine that was rated at approximately 36 horsepower. According to the auction it was originally built for German markets, but found its way to the United States where it was purchased in and modified. A lot. As in seriously stripped and rebuilt with a single purpose in life โ€” to be flipping awesome.

Check out the build video below showing the process from start to finish. Spoiler alert โ€” the contents include a completely updated suspension, big brakes, a powercoated frame, roll cage, all to help the Beetle deal with a tweaked 2. The only thing missing from this car is a red cape with a gigantic S on it. As far as custom cars go, this one has it all.

Not only does the work appear to be top notch, the build was meticulously documented from start vumingo exam testing engine crack for windows finish.

With over four days still to go, the sky is the limit on this bonkers Beetle. Anyone care to guess just how high the bidding will go? Source: eBay. Home News For Sale. By : Christopher Smith. This car would make anyone a Beetle fan for life. Gallery: Subaru-Powered Volkswagen Beetle. Car Buying Service Get upfront price offers on local inventory. Search for: New Cars.

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subaru engine in vw bug kit

All Prices subject to change without notice or obligation. Not responsible for typographical or photo errors. Add To Cart. Fits your vehicle This product was made to fit the stock. Does not fit This product does not fit the stock. Add to Cart. Free Shipping. Call Us Our knowledgable staff can help. Descrip tion. Product Description If you're looking for an easy way to bolt on some power to your VW Beetle, Ghia, Type 2 Bus or Thing with a to cc based engine, look no further.

We've put together a few of our favorite bolt on components that will increase power, performance and still maintain good driving manners and reliability. We add a PerTronix SVDA distributor which features a vacuum advance for smooth acceleration along with a centrifugal advance and an electronic ignition module for increase performance and reliable starting. A PerTronix 40, volt coil couples the new distributor and the carb with increased power to ignite the additional fuel and air.

At the tail end of things, select an exhaust to complete the system and your VW's power increase! PerTronix Flame-Thrower 3.

subaru engine in vw bug kit

Muffler Installation Kit with Clamps and Gaskets. Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www. VW's are commonly modified and very often parts from another year VW may have been installed on your car.

California Pacific JBugs is not responsible for any errors if your car has been modified in any way. VW Beetle. VW Super Beetle Sedan. VW Karmann Ghia Coupe. VW Type 3 Squareback. Large packages ship FedEx. Smaller packages ship US Priority Mail. Delivery time averages business days depending on your distance from Southern California.

subaru engine in vw bug kit

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These include:. The Subaru flywheel is used, giving the correct rotational inertia for the engine. They have been designed to solve a number of known problems with the adaptor plate type design. While the bell housing casting itself is common to both, different clutch release parts are needed for naturally aspirated and turbo Subaru engines due to the different clutch types used.

Therefore a different kit is available for each. The turbo kit is slightly more complex, and so costs slightly more. Clutch components are not included, as these both vary depending on engine specification, and as used parts can be used as long as they are in good condition. A new input shaft seal and pilot bearing are included. These kits are sold outright - no component are on an exchange basis.

A new I input shaft seal and pilot bearing are included. All parts except one in these kits are sold outright. The other one component - the clutch release cross shaft is on an exchange basis.

A surcharge applies on the cross shaft, if you do mot provide your old shaft with the order. The surcharge is refundable on receipt of your old cross shaft later, assuming it is in good, usable condition. Click here for details of the shaft which is needed in return. Inventors of the Subaru - VW conversion bell housing using Subaru flywheel, clutch and starter. You are visitor number:.

Thank you. These include: The Subaru flywheel is used, giving the correct rotational inertia for the engine.Installing a Porsche engine no longer makes financial sense because the parts have become jaw-droppingly expensive, so tuners who want to build a fast Bug are increasingly turning towards Subaru components. The result is a completely insane classic Volkswagen that sounds like a rally car. In this case, the four-cylinder in question is the turbocharged, 2.

It makes horsepower in its most basic configuration; in comparison, a Beetle should have a 1. The chassis was never designed to handle anywhere near that much power. Besides, the Beetle still used drum brakes in The suspension is upgraded for a sportier, more sure-footed handling. It sits just a few inches off the ground, it rides on Porsche-sourced Fuchs alloy wheels, and it wears wider fenders. The modifications extend to the interior with sport seats for the front passengers and a panel of switches cleverly concealed in the glove box.

The Beetle featured in the video is currently listed for sale on eBay. Who made my car? FWD vs. RWD vs. AWD: Drivetrain layouts and what they mean 1 day ago. The difference between diesel- and gasoline-powered cars 1 day ago. The most expensive cars in the world 4 days ago. Every electric car available in April 8, Every upcoming electric car April 8, Buy a car online and have it delivered April 8, The fastest cars in the world 4 days ago.Specialists in Subaru Engine conversions for vintage Volkswagens.

Our aim is to make them perform and handle better without losing their unique character. Since Fellows Speed Shop was born inwe have completed over Subaru Engine conversions and had some great magazine reviews and feedback from customers, complementing our Quality and detail to our work.

Read about some of the feedback. Having a Subaru engine conversion gives you great reliability, fuel economy, power and also a heater! The brake system is a Wide 5 to Porsche pattern solid Billet hub with 4 pot Willwood calipers and billet brackets.

Parts pricing includes TNT shipping worldwide. Usually 5 days door to door.

The brakes can be fitted in early and late split screens running in our own vehicles for 5 years. The steering conversion replaces the old worm mechanism and is now a rack and pinion giving you better stability on the road. We will also take on any VW air cooled servicing and repairs. Services Specialists in Subaru Engine conversions for vintage Volkswagens. Products Conversion parts, VW upgrades and much more. Staff Profiles Meet the team. Read about some of the feedback Having a Subaru engine conversion gives you great reliability, fuel economy, power and also a heater!


Contact Us. Do you want all the latest news, updates, freebies, tips and tricks? Then why not follow us on:. Got a question you would like to ask? Have a query regarding something on your VW?

Use the form below to contact us. Brace Bar Essential for all your Subaru engine conversion. Disc Brake Conversion kit Upgrade to disc brakes and really feel the reassurance of stopping!!We use Subaru engines because they have the same flat four configuration as a Volkswagen engine and are therefore an ideal fit and minimal modification is required.

An engine conversion will offer more reliability, better fuel economy, the option of a heater and a lot more power. No longer will you have to take a run up for hills! We offer a full range of engine options to suit all driving needs and budgets. Ranging from 2. If you fancy having ago at doing a Subaru conversion yourself? We offer a comprehensive DIY install kit to make the job a little easier. As part of the kit you receive every major component required to get your Volkswagen running under Subaru power.

Every, nut bolt washer and jubilee clip is also included. For those interested in the kit we also recommend a trip down to the workshop where we can talk you through the installation process. Engine Conversions. Get some extra horses in your Volkswagen In-depth conversion overview. We specialise in replacing air-cooled engines for a modern flat 4 water-cooled Subaru engine.

Conversion options Your first option is an EJ20 2. This takes approximately weeks.

Standard Bolt On Performance Kit, 1300-1600 Beetle, Ghia, Bus & Thing

The engine will be fully serviced. In addition we will strip and clean the outside of the engine block and powder coat the detailed areas rocker covers, pulley wheels, mounting brackets etc in black.

Gearbox upgrades are not included in the cost. We also offer Gearbox upgrades โ€” email for a full quotation. Your second option is an EJ22 2.Adonis, a Volkswagen enthusiast, had a dream โ€” to build a Super Beetle that could smoke other cars in a drag race. He has owned a VW Beetle before but, of course, he wanted it to be faster. That was the start of the dream and this image below was the inspiration. Adonis followed the advice of several builders and started his project with a Super Beetle that could handle the extra power.

It wasn't an easy task, though. To jumpstart his crazy buildAdonis used a Subaru boxer engine to power up the Beetle because that's the most logical thing to do: a boxer for a boxer. And it's just not any Subaru engine โ€” it's an EJ20 pulled presumably from an Impreza or an old Legacy.

He then bought an off-the-shelf turbo to force induce the engine to greater heights in terms of power delivery. Custom 1, cc injectors, intakes, exhausts, and BMW front disc brakes increased the performance of the build, as well as the custom coil-overs for the front and rear suspensions. Inside, the Beetle was given drifting hand brakes, racing seats, full roll cage, and intakes for the intercooler have been integrated with the rear windows.

Yes, they're functional and not just for show. While the build looks rad and all, we still want to know a few things like how was the radiator set up for this. Also, there were performance figures disclosed, which is something that should be pretty interesting.

By : Jacob Oliva. With a turbocharged Subaru EJ20 at the rear, this Beetle is ready to roll. Inspired by this Speedhunters-themed Beetle, Adonis decided to follow his dream. Car Buying Service Get upfront price offers on local inventory.

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